Frequently asked questions

Please read below some of the more frequently asked questions that Infocus Interiors receives.

How do I get prepared to work with an interior designer?

There are some things that you should consider before you hire an interior designer. Think about what would you like to accomplish, what function you intend for the space and what colours and styles you like. Establish a time frame and have a budget in mind. Collect photos from magazines or create Houzz or Pinterest boards of your ideas. This way we have time to review and prepare before meeting. 

What cities do you work in?

Infocus Interiors offers interior design and home staging services primarily throughout Borsod county (Miskolc, Kazincbarcika and surrounding areas) and Budapest. We are also happy to travel further afield if required.

How do you charge?

We offer competitive prices. A 2-hour photography package starts from 25000 Ft per property. A  medium interior design package  (from design concept development to sourcing) costs 5000 Ft per sqm. The full home interior design service is charged according to the size, complexity and number of rooms to be included. A detailed fee estimate and a contract will be provided before work begins, so that you know exactly what is included in the price.

How long does a decorating project take?

All projects are unique and the time they take varies. A simple home staging consultation takes no more than two hours. The actual staging can range from three hours to a whole day. A complete room design, from design concept development to sourcing, can be completed within in 4-5 weeks while a complete house renovation can take up to a year. Other considerations are lead times and contractor availability. We will provide an estimate of how much time would be needed based on the scope of the project.

I don’t have a huge budget. Can I afford your services?

Many people have never worked with an interior designer and don’t know what to expect. At Infocus Interiors we work with clients on all budgets and scale. If you have a strict budget, we will try to find alternative solutions and work with items you already have. With our pragmatic approach we can actually save our clients money and frustration. A short design consultation is also a great way to give you an idea of how the interior design process works.

What is your style?

We are able to work with different styles and blend them together where required. Our aim is to help each client create their own signature style based on their tastes and lifestyle. Please explore our completed projects to find out what kind of work we will do for you.

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